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Summer 2021 TBR Pile!

So, I’ve sat down and looked through my stacks to find what I NEED to stick to for summer reading. Luckily, I can pace myself with these! I have a great assortment of genres, […]

What’s The Difference? (2021)

What’s the Difference?: Recreational Culinary Reference for the Curious and Confused (2021) Book Review — What’s The Difference? by Brette Warshaw (June 2021) @harper_wave • #Culinary#Cookbook#Nonfiction Summary: This is a whimsical and practical reference for food nerds […]

Six Weeks to Live (2021)

Book & Audiobook Review — Six Weeks to Live by Catherine McKenzie (2021) @atriabooks@simon.audio. I received an ARC of the audiobook from Simon & Schuster, and I read a physical copy on my own. Thank […]


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